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Masculine vitality Coaching

what is Amendzone?

Amendzone is the Zone where men in great need can finally Amend, fix, improve and heal the essence of our masculine health.

Why is vitality so freaking important?

Have you ever wonder what snatched our masculine essence before we turned 35?

Why the weight goes up, diabetes, boldness, low libido, tiredness, erectile dysfunction, low mood, inflammation, stress & anxiety? 

That's because your vitality is biologically going down pass 30 and sometimes much earlier depending on your lifestyle!

That's exactly why we are here to answer today! To get you started straight away, I have a very special free eBook for you that will change the course of your life right now!

Yes, it's a bold statement but I stand by it.

why should you listen to me

Why? Because I am you and I have crossed over the 10 years no man's land desert of chronic conditions, pre-diabetic, excess weight for years, low self-esteem.

My name is Karim Niangane, I am a Masculine Vitality Coach for men who are too young to feel, perform and look old.

I've been where you are now for what seemed to be an eternity!

The feeling of losing my mind, the isolation, failing relationship, libido almost gone and getting worse everyday have been a decade long journey. But now that I am in the other side, I can share not only my experiences but also what worked and what really really didn't! 

I can help you save your precious time and your relationship with others and with yourself. 

Chronic doesn't mean permanent!

Well my friends, there's nothing wrong with you and all those chronic conditions can be greatly improved or naturally reversed. You first need to know and believe that you can heal.

Why the car you may ask?

Because your body is your vehicle and you don't need to be a mechanic to drive it. I'll show you the short cuts leading to smooth roads so you can have fun throughout your journey!

In this event we will cover
You know there's more to life

There's absolutely nothing wrong with you! You, coming all this way with this condition already show how much strength resides within you. It shows how much you care about life and the people around you, and this is the hardest part in your journey. To understand the source of the issues and decide that enough is enough is the shift that will trigger the natural healing process & progress.


I want my vitality now, sign me up!

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Don't stop what you do,
just do it differently.

The concept of health is the same that a relationship with a love one, a friend and a confident. Communication is essential as well as respect and mutual understanding. There's a language that attracts more of what you and don't want, it is not about what you say but HOW you saying it. Don't stop doing what you do, just do it differently and get a positive outcome.

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